See my wonderful journey around the world
Visting Paris, France
Needless to say, arriving in Paris, another stunningly gorgeous and most incredible country that I had never visited before. I knew that my son had given me specific instructions on what to do upon arrival and where he would meet me was causing lots of excitement. See, this trip was planned out, from beginning to end and my son had even, foot the bill. All I had to do was arrive and follow directions previously given. My son had brushed up on his French a bit more that I had.
My face beamed with joy as I moved swiftly thru the crowd, walking to the exit door- looking for my son. Behold, there he was, standing six feet and two inches tall, when I looked to my right. I felt like the smile on my face was about the size of a rainbow. We hugged, and hugged again, we got our directions straight immediately and we both together, decided to explore the train route to our hotel that was not far away for one of many, of the main attractions in Paris- the Arc De Triomphe. Four trains later, we arrived at Hotel Royal Madga Etoile.
Paris is known all over the world, for the Eiffel Tour. What an incredible, unbelievable and fabulous experience for any persons eyes to behold. We spent so much time there and seeing the light show nearly knocked me off my feet. It was so amazing. We took so many pictures, we had lunch and took even more photos afterwards. We shopped and shopped some more. It was so cold, I was still so very happy. The Eiffel Tour is so large. So tall. It felt good, really good being there!
Visting Accra, Ghana
My journey to Accra, Ghana in West Africa began February 12, 2008, when the Kokuma Family arrived at my home around the noon hour to take us to O'Hare International Airport, Terminal 5. Of course, my mind was on my trip and I wondered if I had left everything in order for the upcoming Gospel Music Festival in Millennium Park beginning May 30, 2008, as well as, my Sunday WVON (1690 AM) Gospel with Pam Morris radio program!
I am not use to having church exactly the same way. Comfort instructs me to place my chilled bottle of Voltic water in my tote bag and points for us to join what I call a praise parade dance around the church. Yes, it really was to me, just that. I believe it went on for almost an hour. I join in as I am invited by Comfort for our round and Comfort continues on and on. I suppose everyone went around four, five, six times including the most humble and eminent Pastor.
Oh, it was an inspiring and moving morning service that included another highlight of the Pastor's message which was delivered twice that day once by him and then by an interpreter. Comfort gives a moving, touching testimony and donation to the church. I spoke and then sang He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, and I gave a donation as well. Comfort and I were thanked by the Pastor and praised by the members, in a thunderous applause for the three piece African drum set we donated to the New Testament Ministry.